Understand how to accurately represent real-life financial situations in an Excel spreadsheet 

Far too many financial models today are flawed due to a lack of objectives and design. By adopting a structured approach, business and finance professionals can develop more effective and comprehensive models, in less time and with greater accuracy and transparency.
It is thus important for finance professionals today to have a solid grasp of strong financial modelling, valuation and analysis skills in line with international standards, and master best practice strategies in building flexible and robust financial models that not only meet their objectives but are highly practical and applicable in real-life situations.
Leverage best practice techniques in developing comprehensive financial models to conduct financial analysis and valuation
Specially designed for those charged with financial analysis, planning and forecasting, this two-day course will provide delegates with a sound understanding of both the principles of financial modelling and the practical application of these to real-world situations through the use of Excel.  
By attending, delegates can expect to:
  • Understand the main principles and fundamentals of financial modelling and project valuation 
  • Gain hands-on working knowledge and skills on mastering and applying Excel functions to develop financial models 
  • Identify errors and design practical solutions to mitigate financial modelling challenges
  • Learn how to structure, present and interpret your own financial models and results




The course then builds upon the principles and practices learned to apply these to develop sophisticated analytical models that are robust, flexible and user-friendly for planning, evaluation and analysis of future financial investments. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to try new things, make mistakes and really develop their thinking about how to structure a financial model and present the results.  This is a challenging course but participants’ skill levels will improve dramatically from attending.

  1. Gain a sound understanding of financial modelling and project valuation concepts
  2. Learn how to build and develop financial models in a controlled and structured manner
  3. Obtain relevant working knowledge on how to maximise and apply the most useful Excel functions to financial modelling and analysis


  • Business and Financial Analysts
  • Investment Analysts
  • Financial Planners and Forecasters
  • Financial Controllers and Managers
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation Professionals
  • Project Finance Professionals
  • Commercial Managers
  • Transaction Advisers

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